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Rachel and Maria's Big Bad Ol' Homepage




"En la tierra de los ciegos, el tuerto es rey."



Or, for those of you who are not hispanically inclined,

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Yep, you guessed it. Everything is relative in this wonderful world, and so is this homepage. So, if you have a tendency to dislike the silly inane rantings of people you've never met, this is not the web toiling for you.



We'll wait while those people leave.



Still here? Good. We're glad you stuck around 'cause that was only a ploy to get rid of all of the people that couldn't handle the eden that is our page. In order to preserve everyone's time and sanity (sadly, our own sanity is beyond repair), we have organized this page into categories which are pretty self-explanatory. We assume that if you've gotten here you know how to use a mouse, so knock yourself out.


If you feel you have something you absolutely must tell us, or if you just want to say hey, e-mail us at: for Maria
OR for Rachel

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Thanks to Andy Lee for the use of his scanner in some of these pictures