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Julian Sands

          Sadly, there is a tremendous lack of resources online for the wise and beautiful Julian, so we decided to start one of our own. It is not the most awe-inspiring page you'll ever see, but it's something. Unfortunetly, or fortunetly, depending on how you see it, Julian has a habit of frequently disrobing in movies. We personally feel he is much more attractive clothed, so we have not seen a lot of his movies. A Room With a View, our personal favorite, has an adult rating but only because of one scene that can be easily fast-forwarded. Besides being an excellent movie, it stars Julian with his hair slicked back and wearing a cool hat which makes him very handsome indeed. A lot of his movies are also extremely hard to find, so we cannot do much for you in the way of reviews. Hey, we may be demi-gods, but we're not perfect. Without further adieu, the list.



Films he has done in chronilogical order:

We can only personally recommend five of the afore listed movies. Murder by Moonlight, A Room With a View, the Turn of the Screw, Grand Isle, and Impromptu. Murder is an awful sci-fi movie, but we must admit we did like Julian as a KGB agent/Cosmonaut. He was very charming and quite convincing. A Room With a View is another excellent movie version of an E. M. Forster novel and is one of our favorites. The Turn of the Screw is one of the strangest movies we have ever seen. Even if you walk away with only a vauge understanding of the movie, it is quite entertaining and has some neat special effects (especially in the dream sequences). Grand Isle is a Kelly McGillis film version of the book The Awakening by Kate Chopin. Having read the book, we can say that the movie is very faithfull. The acting is exactly right and McGillis conveys the immaturity and coldness that is a huge part of her character, Edna. The only scene not in the book is the slightly graphic sex scene, enter our boy, Julian. Although very attractive, he says the few lines he does have with different accents, none of which even come close to the Cajun-French accent he is supposed to have. See it to see a good movie and take Juilan as an unexpected perk. Impromptu is a movie about the love affair between frederic Chopin and George Sand (a pen name. that's actually a woman). He plays Franz Lizst and is completely overshadowed by the fine performance of Judy Davis, who plays George Sand. However, in this movie you can catch him playing the piano and kissing breasts. If breast kissing is your game, you would be better to check out Grand Isle, because the breast-kissing scene in that one is a lot longer. Regardless of the amount of physical contact Julian has with women's body parts, Impromptu is a good movie definetly worth watching.




Julian Sands was born in Yorkshire, England, UK on January 15, 1958. For those of you who nap during calculus that makes him 39 this year (1997) and headed for the big four-O. He is married to Screenwriter Evgenia Citkowitz and has a nine-year-old son by his first wife, so he will have a loving clan to spend it with. He spends half of his time in London and half of his time in Hollywood. He also visits various foreign countries both on camera and off, enjoying the adventures unfarmiliar places offer. He loves to garden, and in his Southern California garden will offer visitors olives cured from his own tree. Besides gracing the silver screen, Julian has graced the smaller screen with such appearances as a "Researcher" in 1994 on the t.v. show "Chicago Hope". He also did a commercial in 1996 for the Honda CR-V. He narrowly missed a role in a blockbuster; he was Ann Rice's first choice for the role of Le Stat in the movie version of Interview with a Vampire. A better actor than Tom Cruise? Who's to say. However, Sands is definitely much more fun to look at.



Speak! These are just a few wave files we have compliled of our favorite quotes. All are homemade, so they're not the best, but they are Julian just the same.


Like most actors, Julian can be found in the Internet Movie Database But, if you need a whole page of him, try

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